Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet my son, the robot

I don't take anything related to Autism, it's causes, or it's prevention lightly, so when I say that my son has a touch of Aspergers it's not meant as a joke about that disorder. It's just the most accurate way to describe my son's really truly odd quirks. It's also a reflection on my Google Doctorate Degree in disease diagnosis and treatment. I'm VERY familiar with the symptoms of Autism. Just ask my sisters. And I have followed up my in depth internet studies with reading an obsessive amount of books on the subject. I'm just FULL of fascinating ways to point out what may be symptoms in my children. Chris loves this.

When little dude was about 2, I made an appointment with a hearing specialist to get his ears checked. I thought that he could hear ok, but I needed to make sure because of his lack of natural responses. You know how some kids won't answer you, even though you can tell that they heard you? Well, it was different with him. It was as if he didn't hear you at all. I mean, NO reaction. Not a flinch or a twitch or anything. Mostly with strangers. It's like he goes inside himself the minute that anybody who doesn't live in this house gets within 15 feet of him. He looks down, or straight ahead, and makes no acknowledgement whatsoever that he has been addressed. Lately, he has started reacting, but just enough to bury his head in my side and whimper a little. I have figured something out about that, though. I've noticed that if the person who wants to talk to him ignores him and goes about doing something that he can just observe, that eventually he opens his invisibility cloak, peaks out,  and starts to interact. It's like he's a cat. If you want nothing to do with him, there's a chance he'll want something to do with you. Actually, that just sounds like he's a guy, doesn't it? Heaven forbid you pursue him. Best to act like you don't even know he exists. Huh...hadn't that about it that way.Totally normal, just very advanced for his age. He should be fun when he starts dating.

And you guys know that he still refers to people as humans, right? ODD. Things like, Mom, what is that human doing? or Look, I found the missing head to the human from my Lego set. WEIRD.

And when Chris took them to see Karate Kid II and the Mr. Miyagi dude was crying about his family dying in a fiery wreck caused by his own drunk driving, little dude started getting choked up. But the tears confused him. He was all Dad, why is this movie making my eyes cry?

He did that again on our way to get his shots for Kindergarten, except he was laughing in a weird, frantic kind of way, and Chris asked him why he was laughing and he said I don't know why I'm laughing...when my body is telling me to cry! He didn't cry, though. Not through the whole thing. Just smiled and shrugged that it wasn't a big deal.

I really don't think it's any kind of disorder though. None except for that pesky DNA that he seems to have gotten, undiluted by Grandma Kelley's outrageous side, straight from both of his grandfathers. I definitely wouldn't call either one of them shy, but they're also not the social butterfly type that Chris and our daughters tend to be. We sometimes refer to our father's personalities as something that you might see on Jurassic Park. Like they're the scientists and we are the dinosaurs that they are observing. Curious, sometimes amusing, but not really logical or anything that they want to spend days on end with. So, when Becky calls my son a robot, it's fitting, since we always called Dad a martian. Simply here to observe the specimens, the humans, and occasionally enjoy their company, although enjoy might be a stronger word than they would use.


Kaila said...

???????????? I thought we agreed to NEVER tell people that my brother has Aspergers!!!! ???????


c'mon, Kai! It's not like anyone reads this crap! Her blog is TOTALLY private, right? RIGHT?