Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kenzie's prom "narrative"...with a few comments from me thrown in for funs

Well let's start from the top! Prom announcements started coming out, oh a month and a half before the event and I had my hopes I'd get asked *by hopes she means that she prayed her fool head off every night for hours, begging that somebody would ask her to prom. That's what she means by hope*. When it got to two weeks before I was pretty positive I wouldn't be going with anyone *and by positive she means scream-crying that nobody likes her*. I don't have any single guy friends and boys at our school are too dumb to see how cool I am so I said I wasn't goin' solo and I'd just stay home.*ok, that's all true. they are dumb.* 

Well I got asked! I have a lot of classes with the kid and I like him fairly well but I don't really know him all that much. *BTW, he asked in a super cute way. Him and some guy friends came into class and sang to her to ask her. And she scream-texted me about it immediately. And I scream-texted back. Chris is so sad that he was at work and missed all the excitement and screaming*

So after two weeks of a serious lack of communication (I was ready to track him down and choke the life out of him. I NEED to know what's going on at all times!) it was finally the day of! *Dear Kenzie's prom date: You have no idea what you put me through. She was a nightmare. Work on your communication skills or your future wife will kill you. The end.*

He doesn't have his six months up so he couldn't pick me up and he had to meet my parents so his mom dropped him off at my place and I drove him. He was so embarrassed. *Chris lived out his life long dream. He dragged the boy into the other room and questioned him mercilessly. Poor kid.*

Well we all went and took pictures at a friends house where I accidentally locked my keys in my car. Now I was so embarrassed. I had to call my mom to unlock my car. Coulda died. *crumbles under pressure*

Then we all carpooled to Portland (7 couples in all) to go to dinner at Three Degrees on the waterfront. Really weird food. Macaroni and cheese with crushed goldfish on the top? I don't even know. It was pretty good though. So after we ordered he and I and two other couples took a walk on the boardwalk. We walked and talked along the river and it was so cute. We ended up all sitting on a bench shivering and laughing. *Pssshh...talking and laughing? Suuuure that's all you guys did. I'm kidding. It is.*

As we walked back the other two couples were holding hands and I felt kind of awkward like we should be too or something*I bet he totally wanted to hold her hand. Or he was walking behind her checking out her butt.*. But it was still cute, he was so sweet. So then after dinner we went to the dance and partied it up! It was at the Arista Ballroom and it was so gorgeous! My feet have blisters all over them. And yes we slow danced and it was kind of romantic *She SO tried to make out with him. You know she did. She's a total skank. I'm so proud*. So then we went home. That's that! Prom was incredible! *She's not really a skank. She did take do alot of dirty dancing, though. Kaila and I taught her how. We like it.*


SweetPea said...

Sounds WAY better than my prom... jealous!!

jlcumber said...

Me too! totally jealous, since I never went to prom. :( Glad you had such a great time Mackenzie! And I love the comments Amy. Too funny!!!