Thursday, July 30, 2009

That's Real Nice, Babe

Chris is wearing a shirt that was his grandfather's. I like this shirt. It's light blue, short sleeved, button up, and it fits him well . Since it's from the 60's it would be hard to get more of them, but I told him that Macy's carries something similar and we should check there.

Then I said "And I'll call and order that tattoo removal cream so you won't embarrass me every time you wear a short sleeved shirt."

And he said, "I could say the same about y...Oops!" and put his hand over his mouth to stop himself from saying that my arms are embarrassing in short sleeved shirts also.

I do admit that I was walking away at the time and had to stop and bend over to catch my breath from shock laughing so hard. I can't believe he said that, but it's just so true.

Darn these big arms!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Speaking of weight

I haven't touched the Wii Fit in months. I've been running and walking and going on bike rides instead. I weigh myself everyday, though, so I don't need to have Wii Fit telling me how much I weigh, I'm quite on top of that.

Just now Kiki asked if she could uncover it from it's cobwebs and do some yoga and I said sure but let me weigh myself on it first. So I stepped on and it said I have lost 10 lbs since the last time I stepped on. I knew this. It's no miracle. It's been months. Still good to see, but not a surprise.

The only surprise was Kiki saying 10 pounds?! Well that thing is totally broken. No really, it has been for a while. It's wrong.

Is it wrong to say SCREW YOU to your child.

Have I mentioned that I don't learn from my mistakes?

You know how if I'm eating really really well, really "clean" and then I go and eat something bad for me, something cheat worthy, how I get really sick? Like the First Cheat Day Ever when I went all week being the perfect healthy type person and then started off Cheat Day with a giant size Symphony bar. STARTED OFF. And my body said What the...?! and I spent the rest of the day laying in a pool of sweat on the bathroom floor trying not to vomit. Because no matter how much better I might feel AFTER vomiting, it's not worth it to me to experience THE vomiting. I hate it that bad. I could never be bulimic. I've tried. Can't do it.

Last night I repeated my frequent mistake. I have been running (shut up! I'm serious here) and eating nothing but vegetables and lean protein and I feel like a million bucks, so much so that last night I did the dreaded pictures that you're supposed to do. The ones in almost nothing. From all sides. The ones that you then compare to the last ones as you go along and prove to yourself that you are getting more fit so that you don't quit and buy the mondo bag of M&Ms and eat it all while watching Dr. Oz tell you not to. I took them and I was very happy with myself and then I took a nap.

Not really a nap, really I finished a book that I was almost done with and couldn't put down. If my family knows I'm in there with the door locked reading, they will not let me be. If I claim that I'm sleeping, while they're banging on the door and desperately yanking on the door knob as if I'm their only source of oxygen and they must get to me or die, then I feel less guilt because I claim that I just didn't hear them.

My point is that Chris left while I was "napping" and when he came back he had bought ice cream and it was Moose Tracks and I hated him right then. But I ate the whole pint anyway. I ate it while glaring at him, so I ended up sick again. I just don't understand what's wrong in my head that I don't learn. Yes, I do. I love ice cream more than I hate pain. And I love Symphony Bars more than I love anything. I'm sorry, children of mine, but it's true. Don't ask me to choose.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

That's not clean

The girls and I were doing a project involving the scroll saw and a sander and a table being in the driveway for, oh, I'd say 2 weeks now. Don't get me wrong, the project took one afternoon, but you know how that goes around here.

Today we had enough trying to park around that stuff and trying to not trip on power cords and wook scraps as we made our way to the front dor. Today we decided to clean it all up. Not just the wood mess, but the toys and bikes and garbage too. I'm surveying our completed project and it makes me shake my head. They took turns sweeping. They put things back in their proper places. They made it look great except for one spot right in front of the pillar as you walk up to the front door. There they left one shoe AND A PAIR OF UNDERWEAR. How do you miss something like that?

Blog Reunion

I enjoy blogging as a way to keep up or catch up with friends. One very old friend that I had lost touch with before blogging is Lars (that's us up there).
I feel like I know her family so well thanks to being able to read about their lives. And I feel like they know mine too, or at least the gross parts, thanks to our blogs.
She and her family came to town for her high school reunion and made plans to come out and see us. We had a great time and it was funny to be able to say Oh, yeah, I remember when you blogged about that. Stuff that I wouldn't other wise know about.
Thanks for coming over Shell Family! It was great to meet the family and enjoy our time together.