Monday, January 7, 2008

Midgets, is our country really ready?

Dragon Swoop!

Say the word midget and this is what I see.

Mr. President and Mr. Little Vice President....aren't those suits cute?

There has been much in the news lately about our country's state of political correctness and where our country really stands on some of our current presidential candidates. We have never had a female president ( unless you count Hillary when Bill draft dodged his way to the White House ), a black president ( only the 2nd black candidate to run if you count Jesse Jackson...and you shouldn't count Jesse Jackson ), or a Mormon President ( only the 2nd to run, Joseph Smith ran after forming the LDS church. Who said you couldn't learn anything from that PBS Special? ).

I am sure I will be tired of this whole discussion between now and the November Presidential election it did allow me to ponder a different kind of candidate. What if a midget ran for president?I understand that discrimination against people of ethnicity, women, and religious belief are important subjects but how do we feel about little people? I don't think our country is ready for the image of a little president threatening Iran to drop it's nuclear programs or watching our president address the country about a national disaster like the recent fires or floods without giggling over his little suit?

Listen, I have a heart and I am am generally tolerant of other people and respect most beliefs ( except Tom Cruise ) but I want to be clear that I am not personally ready for a tiny commander-in-chief. Heaven help me but every time I even hear the word 'midget' I can't help thinking of the movie Willow and giggling.

Having said all of that I would like to see a midget run for the President of the United States of America. Could you imagine the smear campaigns when the other candidates find out about Tiny's past midget tossing position at the nearby University?

Oh if only.




How, oh how, did I know that this was posted by Chris without even looking past the title?

jlcumber said...

Amy lets Chris post stuff huh? Awesome!! :)