Sunday, November 14, 2010

Mackenzie does not support this post

Mackenzie just pulled a frozen dinner thing out of the freezer because she's "starving" and there's "no food in this house". Then she scrunched up her eyes and wrinkled up her nose and asked us how long this thing has been in the freezer and whether or not she was going to get sick. Of course not.

Chris: Wait, unless there's chicken in it. There IS chicken in it? Hmmmm....well, you probably won't DIE or anything, but you might get a tad sick. Just sick enough that you'll need to wipe with an ice cube.

Kenzie: Why an ice cube?

Chris: Because your diarrhea will burn so bad that the touch of toilet paper will make you scream cry.

Kenzie: Oh. Well, I've never had diarrhea that bad.

Chris: Have you never eaten at the fair?!

Ooooh, that made me laugh so hard. And I was all,  I'M BLOGGING THAT and Kenzie was like,  I do NOT support you blogging that. Good thing I'm the boss.



scream laughing here. glad I don't have diarrhea.

Jan said...

So did she eat it???

jlcumber said...

Me too! Scream laughing!!!

Kaila said...

ummmm... I think you should have not posted that. I'M ON FREE AND REDUCED LUNCHES!!!