Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Dentures?

I was starting to worry (fake your surprise, ok) that VeeVee was never going to get more than four teeth. She's been a bear lately, just nasty grouchy, and we kept looking for those next teeth coming in to give her an excuse. Today, during a screaming fit on daddy's lap, he noticed that she DOES have two more teeth, but they're molars.

No canines, or whatever those second ones are called, either, just molars. I hope she's going to get those other ones, too, cause dentures are, oh, EXPENSIVE, I bet baby dentures are, oh, REALLY EXPENSIVE.

Here's a picture of the happy child being held down and tortured to get a digital record of her big accomplishment.
Here's a picture of her crazy, I mean sensitive sister crying because she thought we were being mean to the baby. The baby is really just crying now because daddy dressed her in that outfit.

What you can't see is daddy's face as they're are both full on scream crying in his ears. At this moment he is asking me to get a knife and kill him now, he can't take one more minute, this is the worst moment of his life. He said all those words. In front of the sensi child. Guess how MoMo took that? Oh, real well. She was on my lap sobbing forever asking why daddy wants mommy to kill him with a knife.

We really need to be more careful around that one. Bologna foot is all heart.


Thayer & Associates said...

Morgan Morgan Morgan. Daddy's say things they don't mean sometimes. Your Daddy Loves you so much.

jlcumber said...

I can't stop laughing!

jlcumber said...

"You are the reason I drink". Tell Chris to try that one.

Sam said...

Good idea, Jen! I think it flipping hilarious that you took pictures while they were melting down. You guys are soooo funny!!

Our Family said...

I hope no one is permanently scared, emotionally.

We have a compassionate one that flips when we tell the stubborn toddler we're leaving since she won't come with. This one believes we are actually going to leave one of her sisters behind, even though we've never done that.

Our Family said...
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Remind us all of the origin of bologna foot, please.