Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Mystery

This time I've got a zoom out one instead of a zoom in one. It's something that freaks me and Chris out every time we glance down and see it on the floor. Sometimes we pick it up and put it away. No, we don't. That was a lie. Sometimes it gets moved by a child and it scares us in a different room, though. Hint: it is a dark brown lump.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Note to self

I shouldn't prune trees in a swimsuit.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Street of Dreams part 2 or Big Chiney Happy Endings or You so handsome, me rub your lap long time

I am learning how to text message. Yes, it's new to me. We've never had it before. We never got cell coverage at our home, so it didn't make much sense and we didn't want to have one of those kids that sit in church texting their friends across the aisle. But now we have Verizon and we get service and we lowered our minutes, so we thought that unlimited texting might be an option to try. I'm addicted. I tend to do that.

Today Chris sent me a text. It was a picture of him in his office (his real one, not upstairs) with his pants down (his underwear were not down) and it said "NO WIRE" referring to Dwight dropping his pants on the Office last week to prove to Michael that he wasn't wearing a wire. It was awesome. Then he texted me to say that he is starting a diet tomorrow because he looked at that picture of himself and realized that he could hide an apple in his belly button. So he came home tonight and announced that he was in a celebratory mood and would like to kick off his diet by going to Big Chiney. I'll never understand the need to gorge yourself before starting a diet, but you say Big Chiney, I say okay.

We were sitting at our table enjoying our General Tso when the Asian waitress came by and tried to talk to our kids. Our kids don't talk to people. I think they get it from Chris. She thought that Grant was a handsome little dude - cuz he is - and she starting telling him how handsome he is.

She leaned in really close to his face and told him repeatedly how handsome he was and he would look the other way...so far the other way that he was now facing the back of his chair. She then started gently stroking his earlobe and telling him gently over and over again just how handsome he was.

She came back every few minutes and repeated the stroking. Then she got a napkin and took the corner of it and gently rubbed it over his neck and up his ear and around the back of his neck. It was creepy, but not as creepy as the way it made Chris giggle like a young girl singing a song that she has made up about her hot swimming lessons teacher named Craig that goes "Rub-a-dub Craigy, soft little Craigy" and is sung to the tune of a "Rub-a-dub Doggie" commercial. He giggled just like that.

This went on for the whole meal. At the end we had our traditional soft serve ice cream and as she was hovering over our little man like an Asian Whore vulture, he picked up his bowl and poured the whole thing in his lap. The next few seconds were like slow motion. I threw napkins at Chris and whisper yelled CLEAN HIM UP CLEAN HIM UP NOW! Just as Khe Sahn seized the golden opportunity and descended upon my sweet innocent boy's crotch, where she proceeded to reenact the Street of Dreams episode and rubbed his lap all clean for him.

I don't know who's eyes were biggest. Probably Kiki's. On our way home there was plenty of commentary on the evening's events.
"That was JUST like that time at the Street of Dreams when the lady rubbed Grant's poop off of Dad's crotch!!!"
"When did you first start having the fever, son? Well, dad, I think I was about 4"
"Let's just hope Mom is able to get over this"
And Chris singing his own words to the tune of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan.

Quite a celebratory dinner it was.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter y'all!

First, an amusing story about our Easter: Just before we all got ready to head home I heard scream laughing from the living room. I've been told that Great Grandma was sitting on the couch happily crunching away on a bag of chips or something that my sweet baby had brought to her. Eventually someone looked over and noticed that the bag of chips was really a bag of cat food and saved the two from the snack that they were enjoying together. Poor GG, she never knew the difference, and all the laughter was accompanied by cringing and gagging, but it was pretty funny, too.

Most of these pictures are boring and self explanatory, but a few do require captions.

This is the first thing I did when I walked in, took a picture of Grammie sleeping. She likes her naps.
Then I took a picture of Chris eating a chicken wing. He requested that every picture of him on Easter be of him eating a chicken wing.

This one shows my excitement of his chicken wing picture idea.




Jenny's green thumb from eggs

avery was SO excited

Kenzie refused to put that lamb down all day

miss Mo

The dang lamb

the eggs on the right side are all from our chickens and were brown. When we ran out of white eggs we decided to try the brown ones and I think they turned out really cool.

The hunting pictures...

Papa and some of the grandkids...

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Kickoff of TBall Season

The pictures all reflect just how exciting TBall is. And how adorable. I love it. I only wish that my little man was old enough to play this year.

Go Rivercats!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I overestimated my own strength

There is nothing like the weatherman saying "one more day of sun" to get people around here worked into a frantic lather, trying to squeeze as much into that one day as possible. Which makes sense, because when the rest of your forecast looks like this...
you really really need to get some vitamin D while you can.

Tuesday was that day. It was high 70s with clouds starting to blow in, promising a miserable rest of the week.
I took that adrenaline surge that the graphic of the lone little sun followed by rain clouds gave me and decided to take my two youngest on a bike ride around Lewisville park. It's got a great river and a never ending bike trail and lots of playgrounds. I figured I could hook up the bike that I got off Craigslist last fall to the kid trailer that I got at a garage sale last summer and pull the kids around the park. I also figured that the bribery of the playground stop might keep them from beating on each other while we were riding.
This is a photo of our drive to drop Mo off at kindergarten, courtesy of Mo.
This is a lovely photo of me driving Mo to kindergarten, courtesy of Mo.
Here are my surprisingly heavy children playing at the play ground that I finally reached after almost vomiting from exertion. I didn't realize that they weigh as much as their father. But clearly they do, because I swear I got heat stroke from riding around with them dragging behind me. It was as if there weren't even wheels on that trailer. As if I was just trying to ride with them holding on to the back of my bike dragging. As if they were two full grown adults instead of toddlers.

But they were so happy when we got there. It was still a great day.

I might even try to do it again some day. If the sun ever comes back out.

I didn't realize that the ride there was mostly downhill until we started back and I realized that we were going mostly up hill. I thought that getting off and pushing the bike up the hills would be easier, but, really, it wasn't. Lucky I packed that box of cookies. You know, for my blood sugar levels and all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Mark Sanchez edition

It's not very often that Chris and I can agree on my boyfriends. He isn't always amused with my expressions of love for the random men that I verbally appreciate. Or the deep, born of growing up in Hillsboro, passion that my sisters and I share for boys of a certain ethnicity.
Last night, however, was different. Last night he told me about his new love. A love that would soon become my own. A love that we can embrace so much that a poster of him over the bed is in the future. If that future includes the Seahawks drafting him. If he doesn't become a Seahawk then I guess we'll both be breaking up with him, which is fine, it's been fun while it's lasted. Really fun. So fun that we sat in front of Google Images and drooled last night. Together. Possibly for different reasons, but still together.
Here are my top ten Mark Sanchez pictures while I can still love him. The draft is coming up soon, so I've got a limited amount of time.