Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let the decorating begin!

Kaila led the kids in making snowflakes for the windows.

I made the advent calendar. I made the trees out of paper cones and scrapbook paper. 
I made the glass block a few years ago and Kaila wrote the poem in the frame that
I decorated to match the trees.

I also took the tin star that was formerly in Grant's cowboy room
and covered it with scrapbook paper
to make it more festive.
The mirror is a Goodwill find covered with
a coat of red spray paint for the time being.

I'm super proud of my frugal pillows. I used our existing throw pillows,
 bought a few cheap-o cloth napkins and used an old fleece blanket in a Christmasy print.
I made all of those except for the santa and the gingerbread dude.
After the holidays I'll just take those covers
back off and store them for next year.

Santa on my fantastic Goodwill Outlet vintage suitcases.


Lars said...

Very nice! You always do a lovely job with your resources and creativity.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love the new digs?