Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday - Mark Sanchez edition

It's not very often that Chris and I can agree on my boyfriends. He isn't always amused with my expressions of love for the random men that I verbally appreciate. Or the deep, born of growing up in Hillsboro, passion that my sisters and I share for boys of a certain ethnicity.
Last night, however, was different. Last night he told me about his new love. A love that would soon become my own. A love that we can embrace so much that a poster of him over the bed is in the future. If that future includes the Seahawks drafting him. If he doesn't become a Seahawk then I guess we'll both be breaking up with him, which is fine, it's been fun while it's lasted. Really fun. So fun that we sat in front of Google Images and drooled last night. Together. Possibly for different reasons, but still together.
Here are my top ten Mark Sanchez pictures while I can still love him. The draft is coming up soon, so I've got a limited amount of time.


Sam said...

DAMN, Freddie! I am a tricep person, and this dude gets the tublar tricep award. CALIENTE!

jlcumber said...

I can't stop laughing!!!! :) CALIENTE IS RIGHT!!!

Rhoda said...

Can I get an amen??? I would immediately become a Seahawks fan... Is it warm in here???