Friday, April 22, 2011

The never ending craft

This journal was requested by a friend. It's for her boyfriend and he's a BIG Scooby Doo fan, so I said that I would attempt something in that general theme. It was so much harder for me than I expected. First of all, I'm not that good at requests. If I'm whipping up some notebooks or any other crap for myself, my kids, or as a surprise then I'm golden. But the pressure of somebody wanting to pay me for my work makes me CRAZY. I spend way more time worrying that it's going to disappoint them than actually working on it. Plus, Scooby Doo? REALLY? A crafty journal for a grown man? REALLY? Alrighty, I aim to please, but I'm seriously doubting that he's going to squeal with joy when he opens that puppy up. I feel seriously embarrassed just thinking about that moment.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stellar Parenting episode #...ummm...who even knows? A lot.

It's a band trip weekend which means a teenage girl being out of town with lots of other teenage girls and...gasp....BOYS. This used to stress me out and I'd lecture for hours about the dangers of boys and roofies and alcohol and date rape and raging parties, but after 4 years of absolutely nothing happening on these trips I've grown bored by lack of drama and outrage that I am being robbed of as a parent. The most scandalous thing that has happened thus far has been 268 pictures of a stuffed sheep doing various things. Not anything naughty, just things like eating at Old Town Buffet or being tucked in to the hotel bed. Both are things that could lead to illness if it were an actual human sheep, but it's not, so really? That's all I get???

I kid. You know I love it. Even the "crazy" sheep pictures make me laugh and bring back great memories of doing very silly things that were just plain fun. BUT....I do hold out hopes for something just a tiny bit edgy. Something like, for instance, perhaps, kissing a random boy from a different school. Or even just exchanging cell phone numbers. Nothing bad, but a little bit giggle worthy, you know? My hopes may not be in vain, as you'll see from the texts me and my child exchanged today while she's on her long bus trip to whatever band thing it is that she's going to...

child: MOM! you know who has facial hair now??? "Jason". (brief sidenote...names are changed, but this "jason" kid is way cute. I've begged her to hit on him a million a supportive parent way, not in a child molester way) I may need to make out with him. I looove facial hair.

parent: if/when this happens I WANT PICTURES

kid: of course! I'll even put it in a scrapbook!

parent:Total cutey pie. You really should check him off the make-out list before you graduate. Just as friends, of course.

 kid: (more sidenotary, this text is a total joke that I get because I understand that she's not interested in really making out, so keep that in mind as you proceed with me teasing about her messing around) French kissing is definitely a friendly thing right?

parent: True friends always use tongues.

kid: *gag* wellll I'll consider it. I am super attracted to him and that might be an option

parent: I bet he's a fantastic maker-outer

kid: Definitely. I'll let you know

Do I even need to admit how proud I am of her right now, or does it just go without saying? And, again, if I had any concerns about her going too far I wouldn't be teasing her. Although, he IS the drummer, so I don't know.