Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Chris gets home and wonders what exactly I did all day...

He might look back at Black Friday a few years ago and regret getting me my Cricut. Here are just a few of the things it made for me today...

It didn't make this. I did. But isn't it SO CUTE?! IKR?! (I know right?...I just made that up. I'm so starting something with that one)

After I decorated that composition book, Kenzie asked me to decorate her binder. That's it so far. My Cricut made those letters for me.

Then I made these painfully cute little trick-or-treaters. I'm going to use them together on something bigger, but for now they're occupying my entry table with all the other autumnal cuteness.

And then it cut me out some black vinyl bats and such to decorate my hangy-downy light. Those are pretend spider webs, btw, I got rid of the real ones and replaced them with fake for the photo op.

 And, THAT, my friends, is what I have accomplished today. I do have the handy excuse that I'm ill...just in case he points out that the house is worse than when he left this morning instead of better. For some reason we just can not seem to agree that "cuter" IS better, he always thinks "cleaner" is better. Whatevs.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ooooh, I think I love this one!

I'm not done crafting yet. I feel a few more projects brewing. Like this "Treats" sign.I apologize for the poor quality of this photo, but just go to her blog to see her real post. I love this and I think I know what I'll be doing tomorrow! I just can't help myself when it's all objects that I have around the house. Lets look at it as therapy for my Target withdrawals. If I can't spend money, then I might as well make cute stuff, right?

Friday, September 24, 2010

How many crafts have YOU done this week?

 Betcha NOT as many as I have! Here's the rundown of my autumn extravaganza of crafting...
My Fall wreath that nobody loves except for me. I love it mostly because it's made using 5 items from the Dollar Tree. If you cost Five Dollars I'll love you no matter how shabby you look.

My FAVORITE thing. My candy corn topiary. Again, almost free. A handful of candy corn from the bulk section at Winco, some eyeballs from the same section, a dowel that I already had, paint that I had, an old Christmas ornament as the ball that the candies are hot glued to, a canning jar that I already had. You get the picture. I love love love it. Can't wait to try a Christmas candy one next month!

OK, no, this is my favorite. I already had these blocks from an old, boring, Easter block set. I just spray painted them black, distressed the edges, bought 3 pages of Halloween paper for 41cents each, and started mod-podging. The kids even pitched in on this one! 

I made good use of the left over paper scraps and made these flowers. I used more dowels (painted white and wrapped in orange ribbon), some bedazzles, and a bucket I had in my cupboard. I love that it was free and took about 15 minutes!
My for real favorite thing is all of the old Halloween pictures that I pulled out to display with these new crafties. I love Halloween pictures even more than matchey-matchey Christmas jammy pictures.
Now go make some crafties and post them!!! Maybe you'll inspire me with even more ideas. I'm sure Chris would LOVE to see more craft crap around the house.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I should also mention...

That last post, the one with the first day of school pictures? Look at Kai. Notice anything missing?!?! No more glasses! She has contacts now and is ready to play volleyball without her  glasses flying off and getting stepped on. Pretty hot, isn't she? Pretty scary, isn't it? At least we can hold out on makeup for a little longer, I don't even want to think about adding any more cuteness factor to that child. Again, it's just not fair to those other kids at school. And she can't date yet, so that's just torturing all those hormonal middle school boys pointlessly. Let's go get her so new, ugly, glasses and some braces with head gear. That's more the look that I have in mind until she's...let's see....Um, 25. Think she'll go for it?

First Day of School for those other kids...

Kiki's LAST first day of school!!! Poor mom isn't taking this very well. Kiki, on the other hand is ready to make the most of her senior year and then move on to bigger and better things.
Kai's LAST first day of middle school!!! AND she made the 8th grade varsity volleyball team! We're so excited for her.
Mo's last first day of Primary school! Next year she's on to the Intermediate school, so this is her year as the big kid on campus. She's been great looking after little brother and I'm glad she's there for him this year!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Little dude goes to school

You were right. Boys get home from school and have no interest in talking about their day. Having been through Mackenzie, Kaila and most of all, Morgan, it was the strangest thing I've ever seen. It was like he had just run a half marathon and I was asking him what all he saw and did along his route. The exhaustion that he expressed at the thought of answering my queries was very real. Poor little guy could only say Mom, can we just go lay down for a while? I need a big drink of water and a rest. Later he added that he wishes he were still 3 years old so he could stay home because its just TOO long of a day before school gets unstarted.

I don't know how anybody could have less than a perfect day looking as good as he did, though. If I looked that good...well...I don't really know what I'd do. Walk around letting people bask in the glory of my cuteness? That might be inappropriate in Kindergarten. Makes all the other kids feel insecure about their own mediocrity.

By the time his dad got home he was ready to talk. He talked about his day. Lunch was his favorite thing about school. He liked recess, but No, I didn't play with any humans on the playground. Freakyyyy...

Now he doesn't have school again until next Wednesday because we're not on the half day schedule, we're on the Monday/Thursday/every other Wednesday schedule. I look forward to seeing when he'll make friends with some of those humans. That will be pretty cool. That will make me feel more happy about him leaving me all day.