Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Juneau part 2

Back to why we went to Juneau! Grandma's wishes were that she be cremated and her ashes be spread where Grandpa's were. Some of their friends made arrangements to take their boat out, down the channel, past Taku Glacier, to the beautiful spot that she had requested. Here is a shot of the place where we stopped to spread her ashes. I don't think it captures the beauty of the area. Or how green the water is. It was breathtaking.
We all toasted her with her favorite drink, vodka. Ok, not all of us. Us non-drinkers and the children (hopefully non-drinkers as well) used Coke, but I'm sure she'd approve.
 Dusty spread the ashes
 I loved the shape that they made as they drifted. I think it looks like a sting ray.
 We had flowers to spread, as well as pictures from Stacy and her family and almonds with m&ms, something she always had available for visitors.

This is Romer and Lorraine (that spelling might be totally wrong). She took care of lots of things for Grandma, including being her pet taxi when Grandma's guinea pig needed to go to the vet.
 The boys and the friends enjoyed lots of great stories about her life.
 That's a familiar sight, Chris and Dusty laughing. I bet she loved seeing that.
 Dave telling a great story. Something about Grandma being a drug mule? Good stuff.
I loved being out there in that boat, enjoying the scenery that Grandma had spent her whole life around and remembering her like that. It was a great way to say goodbye to a great lady!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A is for Awkward

Things that my nephew has said to me so far this week. Things that I should be highly praised for not reacting to. It has taken all of my limited self control and I think it has contributed to my migraine today. I'm not used to holding back so much. Maybe you've noticed.

An example:

Me:Has anybody seen the power cord for the laptop?
Him:What does it look like?
Me:It's a big black thing.
Him:Oh, that. It's in my pants.

There are more. One involving asking me to pet his meat. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello Juneau. Goodbye Grandma Part one: Chopper ride

Thank you Sis!
At Temsco Helicopters. If you're ever in Juneau, I highly recommend them for their helicopter tours.
Beautiful blue glacier water.
Looking down on the Juneau airport. All three gates of it.

Aunt Stacy took this picture and now it hangs in Tempco's lobby!
The brothers and their step-sister, Stacy.
Mendenhall Glacier.