Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spider Chicken, Spider Chicken, Does whatever a Spider Chicken can...

Spills it food

Poops in its water

Then one day,

it's time for slaughter

Watch out, here comes the Spider Chicken...

Those words were funnier before I remembered that I'm singing about my kid.

This was the only thing she wanted to wear on Halloween. She was SO HAPPY to be dressed as a spider chicken. For a few seconds. Then she slapped me and screamed at the top of her lungs and ripped the costume from her chubby little body. But, that's just her.

Look at her spidey moves. She's really a Ninja Spider Chicken, but then the song gets too long, so I stuck with Spider Chicken.
And Mo was a cute little witchey poo. Love it. We already had it in the dress ups drawer, so I really really love it. For anyone who may be wondering, she's not supposed to be a pregnant Witch. That's not a baby bump, that's a chicken nugget bump. Duh.
And now for the real reason I haven't posted any Halloween pictures and it's the 6th of November. I couldn't admit my shame over my son's costume. You probably didn't realize that I do have a little pride. It's not much, but it is there.

What happened was this, see, I was gone. When I got back his whole costume had changed from Super Man (really cool Costco costume) to Spider Man, to a construction worker (which was the last thing I had seen) and when I got back he was dressed in pajamas....

Not even really matching pajamas. I love him. He's adorable. He likes to party. But, that's an embarrassing costume right there. I don't care who you are.

Alternate Post Title:
Bawk Bawk Bawking on Heaven's door
Feed the witch, so she looks pregnant some moooore
Kenzie only got a milkshake for her grades point 4

Lyrics by Christopher Berg. Composed while naked, standing right behind me at nearly midnight, doing the Axyl Rose dance just like this (at about 5:10 in the video he really starts making his moves):


Rhoda said...

Ok, when you said 'naked husband dancing', and 'watch the video' in the same sentence, I could not make myself click play. :( Really, the mental picture is enough for me. Thanks. hee hee

Heidi Rushing said...

TMI alert, TMI alert, TMI alert!!!!

okay, enough about what you and Chris do at midnight - but I do have to say that Layton did the same thing two years ago with his costume - he totally dissed all the really cute ones we had and wore batman pj's with a cheap plastic mask and some light up toy on his chest that said "I'm Batman" when you pressed the button. And then my only picture I took of him (because I was embarrassed of his lame costume) turned out blurry!

Sam said...


You never disappoint. Funny funny post. Needed the chuckle. Does Chris get to screen these before you go live with them? Just wondering. You are one funny human. Where you been? Everyone is welcoming you home. :)

jlcumber said...

I am so happy elections are over and that we get Amy's blogs back! the kids are super cute and now I need to go and try to remove my short term memeory, before the mental picture I have of Chris becomes long teshlynn42
rm. Kinda like his hairy butt in the car window. BLAH