Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Passion of the MoMo

Those close to us know of Mo’s deep love of the Savior. We often find her crying alone and when asked what is wrong she says “I miss Jesus Christ. Why can’t I see him yet?” It’s so sweet, yet a little disconcerting. I believe my sister calls it freaky. Last night Mo said “Mom is Jesus Christ coming back someday?” “
Yes, MoMo
Nobody knows.
Why not?
Because he wants to surprise us.
So we’ll be ready.
What’s ready?
Well, we need to do the things that he has asked us to do.
Like what?
Like say our prayers, pay our tithing, be nice to everyone, read our scriptures, you know that stuff.
Ok Mom
So, She runs into the house and starts sweeping the kitchen floor, organizes my pantry, puts away my shoes. Tells me she loves to share amd she would rather give presents then get presents.
I think she’s pretty much ready now.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

...and to all a tense night

Our Christmas "Eve" didn't go exactly as planned this year. I wish I could blame the children, but alas I can only blame Wal-Mart and myself. Here's how it went down: We had the whole family here for dinner, which went quite well. Nice gifts, good food, no fights. All in all, a lovely evening. Now, it's starting to get late and everyone has headed home. Realizing that we need to get started on our santa preparations, we rush the children to get ready for bed. Suddenly Chris remembers that we haven't had the children open their Christmas Eve matching pjs. So, we gather them back up, and pass out the packages. Chris was the first to recognize that there was a problem. He was helping Grant open his pajamas and says "Amy is this right?" holding up a pair of pajamas that looked about my size. I wasn't fazed, just thought that maybe Mackenzie's got mixed up with Grant's. Until we realize that EVERYONE'S pajamas are at least my size, some could quite possibly fit Chris. Hmmm....lets review the background behind these particular pajamas. It started back in October when the stores were stocking their Christmas items. Realizing that financially we cannot do the Hannah Anderson pjs this year, and that I cannot sew more that a perfectly straight line, I started searching the stores for matchey-matcheys. I swear that nobody stocks matcheys in size 12month-7womens. We managed to find a variety of pjs in the same penguin fabric in the right sizes at Wal-mart and snatched them up. That was where it should have stopped. But no. We were up at 3am for the Black Friday sales, and as we ran screaming through Wal-mart I got stuck in a traffic jam in the kids clothing section. Low and behold, there were the cutest snowflake pajamas with 2 pair of pants and a top in all the sizes we need, wrapped up in a red bow, for $10. Woot Woot, right? So I snatch them up. I promptly return the unneeded penguin jammies (big mistake). Fast forward back the opening of the enormous snowflake pajamas. I hurried and grabbed the packaging. Nope, no mistakes, all the right sizes. Then Kaila reads the tag of the pants "Ladies 10". Ah-ha, there's the rub. Well I lost it yelling about putting womens pjs in the kids section. Mackenzie says something about our ruined traditions and isn't this a merry christmas. I send everyone to bed and throw it in a bag and rush back to Wal-mart to find anything close to matching. I did make them put on the huge ones first for a photo to capture the precious memory.