Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm just fat and old. Thanks Sissy.

Chris and I are going to Sunriver for the weekend. I feel like throwing myself at my mother in laws feet, sobbing, like a beggar after receiving a much needed crust of bread, I'm so grateful. She is a saint for coming to stay 4 days with my little angels and I can't wait to peel out of my driveway and not look back. I hope nobody gets hurt from the gravel flying out behind my car.

The only problem is that I've been lazy and I don't look the way that I would like to look during these kind of get aways. I just want to sleep and read and sleep, so who cares how I look? He wants me to wear as little as possible for the entire 72 hours. So that makes me care how I look. I am usually willing to accommodate whatever it is that he's hoping I'll wear around the hotel. But right now...right now I'm feeling a little on the fat side.

I told Becky that I'm not looking forward to looking like a fat, old, whore. I can handle dressing like a whore in private on occasion, but nobody likes an old fat whore, it's just nasty. Nobody likes looking LIKE an old fat whore. Luckily, Beck cheered me right up with the love and support that I was looking for Oh, amy, you're not a whore.

How did I not see that one coming?


Jan said...

Oh, Becky.

Jan said...

And bless you, Janet.

jlcumber said...

OH MY GOSH!!!! You aren't fat either Amy. :)


guess that just makes you old

Jan said...

Remember -

I think you're young.

And GG thinks you're just a baby.

Sam said...

That's freaking funny. You're neither fat, nor old, nor slutty. Yer perfect!!!