Thursday, December 3, 2009

Photo Commentary

In lieu of catching up on months and months of posts, I'd like to share my thoughts about this picture...
Look at Uncle Dut-Dut's arm. No, not the enormous muscles threatening to tear open his shirt sleeve, the same muscles that made Kenzie very very uncomfortable, because it is her uncle, after all, and she shouldn't have those kinds of feelings looking at him. Not that. Just the girth. I chose to breed with these people. HAVE YOU SEEN MY ARMS??? I'm just saying, my poor poor baby girls, that's all I'm saying. I'm sorry. Maybe some boys are attracted to massive biceps. Good luck with that.

Now let's move on to Kaila's face. She's clearly looking at Kenzie. Her emotion is so vague though. Is it sisterly love and admiration? Is it amusement? Nope, I'm going with disdain. Definately disdain.

Back to Dut-Dut. Is he flexing for the camera? Nope. It just looks like that all the time. Freak.

See Morgan? That's a pretty constant state right now. Loose tooth. One comes out and I think we're done, then she finds another loose one and she's at it again. No wonder she's always getting sick. GET YOUR HAND OUT OF YOUR MOUTH, KID!

That's all I've got for now. That, and, if you could only see the rest of the table, you'd see the wonderous buffet that we always find at Grandma Kelley's house. There's lots of Thanksgiving foods there, but also a pizza, and some hot dogs, but no buns. Maybe some french toast. An assortment of cookies. And always ALWAYS the crockpot of spaghetti. I love this. It's fascinating to me.


jlcumber said...

The best post ever!! SO funny!!!

Sam said...

I. Can't. Get. Past. The. Arms. Whoa. Nelly.