Friday, September 24, 2010

How many crafts have YOU done this week?

 Betcha NOT as many as I have! Here's the rundown of my autumn extravaganza of crafting...
My Fall wreath that nobody loves except for me. I love it mostly because it's made using 5 items from the Dollar Tree. If you cost Five Dollars I'll love you no matter how shabby you look.

My FAVORITE thing. My candy corn topiary. Again, almost free. A handful of candy corn from the bulk section at Winco, some eyeballs from the same section, a dowel that I already had, paint that I had, an old Christmas ornament as the ball that the candies are hot glued to, a canning jar that I already had. You get the picture. I love love love it. Can't wait to try a Christmas candy one next month!

OK, no, this is my favorite. I already had these blocks from an old, boring, Easter block set. I just spray painted them black, distressed the edges, bought 3 pages of Halloween paper for 41cents each, and started mod-podging. The kids even pitched in on this one! 

I made good use of the left over paper scraps and made these flowers. I used more dowels (painted white and wrapped in orange ribbon), some bedazzles, and a bucket I had in my cupboard. I love that it was free and took about 15 minutes!
My for real favorite thing is all of the old Halloween pictures that I pulled out to display with these new crafties. I love Halloween pictures even more than matchey-matchey Christmas jammy pictures.
Now go make some crafties and post them!!! Maybe you'll inspire me with even more ideas. I'm sure Chris would LOVE to see more craft crap around the house.


Lars said...

You are crafty! Way better than witchy--even in October. Love the crafts including the wreath. The block are so cute! I mean spooky.

Kaila said...
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Kaila said...

My favorite is the boo blocks, or maybe the candy corn magic wand thingy... can't decide!! :)