Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Like the Pioneers

We went and got another muddy yard house. I loved the rental for many reasons, but mostly it's location. Right on top of the hill, never a drop of runoff, overlooking the whole area. We could even see the planes landing on those rare cloudless days. But, all good things must come to an end, and here I am back to children pretending that they're professional mud wrestlers.

I blame Kenzie and Kaila. I love that shiz.

It's a GORGEOUS day AND a half day today, so the kids were having a ball squealing and rolling around like wee little piggies out in the front mudfield yard. Whatevs, I was finishing The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD. You know, when those last few chapters of a mystery/suspense novel just SUCK YOU IN? Yeah, that was where I had gone to, so I was super happy that the wee piggies were squealing outside instead of inside.

Eventually, they did wander in and I herded them straight to the bathroom to drop their muddy clothes and get in the tub. After a while Morgan asked me if I had a really good scrubber.

Like a washcloth, Morgan?

No, something really scrubby, to get the dirt out!

The dirt out of what? Your feet?

No, our clothes!

Morgan. Are your clothes IN the tub with you?

Yeah, we're washing them too.

Sweet mother of pearl, those clothes were so nasty. Now the kids all needed to shower (during which the shower door got knocked off of it's tracks), the dripping wet clothes needed to get carried to the laundry room, and the tub was a filthy mess.

On the bright side, they were trying to wash their clothes. I guess.

And, if you look closely, you can see that the puddle is so big that we get ducks in it. See? Ducks...and a snow boot.