Friday, February 26, 2010


Morgan just alerted me to the fact that her little sister seemed to have a problem! and noted that perhaps I should take a look at my youngest daughter. I turned around to find Avery, fresh from her bath, still stark nakey, standing sort of like a person who has just gotten off of a horse and who's legs haven't realized that they can go back to normal. All bow-legged and stuff. And she was slightly bent over trying to investigate something going on in her private region.

The whole family let out a collective EWWWW! Gross! and then told me to take care of it.

Turns out that little Miss-Fresh-From-the-Tub-and-Still-Wet had snagged a can of red glitter and rubbed it allllll over her body. All over. So gross.

Baby wipes only made matters worse so I've now got her back in the tub hoping that the glitter will dislodge itself and that she didn't enjoy the sensation of her naked body covered in glitter, because, c'mon, that would not bode well for her future now would it?


Jan said...

No, I don't think it would.
But thanks for a good giggle.
See you Sunday?

jlcumber said...

Too funny. Think her new nickname shall be sparkle.

Lars said...

So...did the second bath succeed?