Monday, February 1, 2010

MoMo makes another entry in the Berg Dictionary

Mo gets tummy aches quite often. I'm trying to pay attention to what she eats in an attempt to make a connection to some food group, but so far it's still a mystery.

Tonight it was aching badly enough that she was hunched over, wandering around in pain, moaning and generally being miserable, so I offered her some stomach medicine. She accepted the offer and I sent Chris to give her some Pepto.

Turns out she's not a fan of the Pepto. She's never had it and she's pretty sure we were trying to kill her. We weren't. She cried and cried on my lap and I really did worry that she would puke. Kinda like 7-Up makes me throw up instead of the opposite. She didn't puke, but she did coin my new favorite phrase: MOM, that was SO gross! That was so gross that it even made we wish that I didn't even HAVE any Taste Buddies.

Taste Buddies... Taste Buddies... I love it so much that I haven't stopped saying it. I have a feeling that this will go down in Berg-o-pedia history right next to Put Another Dime in the Juice Box, Baby and Cheesy Warm-Warms and Crown instead of Crayon.

It also reminds me of Grant sobbing because he didn't want to be "drownded" when we told him he was grounded. And of Grant refusing to use the word "people", insisting instead on calling them "humans". Have I mentioned that one? It's really freaky when little dude is all LOOK, Mom, there's a human in my fire truck. It's just plain weird.


Sam said...

Taste buddies. Precious. Mine are my buddies too, for they allow me to taste wonderful things!

Such sweet humans you have in your home!

jlcumber said...

So cute!!!! Pepto does the same for me MoMo!!!!