Monday, May 2, 2011

The gutting of the house

 We know that our time in this house is limited, but that's all we know at this point. Actually, we do know what we've got several months left here...okay, that's really all. The overwhelming challenge of packing up this place that has housed 7 pack rats is seriously freaking me out, SO in a preemptive strike type action I've decided to first purge and organize as much as I can. Hopefully this will help.
 First step has been my office/craft room/playroom/dump. Here's the first reveal. Lookin' good!
I grabbed a broken old cabinet and used the base for the ribbon hanger. Neato, huh? I decorated an old box of Costco greeting cards to hold craft paper and I LOVE it. The FAITH banner is from a church activity. I'm not loving it there, so it might come down. It's a little cluttery I'm thinkin. 

Have I cleaned under my desk you ask? You can see the floor, but that's as far as it's gotten.

I totally made this necklace. Really, I did. Mackenzie has a similiar one that I LOVE and I copied. 


Jan said...

Where is this room... have I seen it before???

Sorry, it looks very nice. Good start.


AWESOME! You can come organize mine just as soon as it's built. Which at the rate they're going will be NEVER.

jennifer said...

LOOKS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!