Friday, September 9, 2011

This is what we've always wanted...right? RIGHT?!

Here's a linky to a blog post in which I posted pictures of Mackenzie's first day of Kindergarten. Now, as I attempt to post about DROPPING HER OFF AT FRICKIN COLLEGE, I start to cry all over again. Mostly, the last few weeks have been good. Exciting. Beneficial to my habit of vicarious living. Pride inducing. Jealousy of that fantastic time of life inducing. But on occasion I fully lose it. Occasions like right this minute. I'm gonna be okay though. And I'm going to start posting about our trip to drop her off at college. I can do this. Even though I feel JUST like the lady that wrote this column : And even though sometimes it feels like they're all going to be gone in about 5 minutes and I'm going to miss them forever. Even though we still accidentally call her to come down to dinner sometimes.  And even though my family will never be the same and my children will never ALL live under my roof again. Even with the missing and sadness, it's still all greatly outweighed by the extreme joy that has come with watching her succeed and excel and grow into an amazing adult. I look forward to many more moments of pride and excitement as she keeps taking these big steps. Even as I watch the rest of my kids following much to quickly in her footsteps and I start crying all over again.