Thursday, September 24, 2009

I may have forgot to mention...

10am phone call...

Hi. There's a volleyball game tonight that I didn't know about and it's an away game, so we're leaving from the school early, so I need you to drop off my long white socks by, like, 1 o'clock, K?

What long white socks?

The ones I need to get.

Sooo, you don't actually own any long white socks?

Right. I need you to go buy some and then bring them to the school as SOON as possible.

I didn't even know that you NEEDED long white socks.

I forgot.


Ring Ring...

And my jersey! I forgot my jersey. Thanks.

Of course I did it. And the requested knee length socks were $8. EIGHT. For the one pair.

I love this job.


Jan said...

So did I... you just keep repeating grandkids - grandkids - grandkids. And one day they grow up, leave home, give you grandkids, and become wonderful adults. I love my wonderful adults.

Anonymous said...

How funny, Where is your volleyball schedule?? We got one. Makayla is on the JV team at her high school and LOVES it and has a stinkin pair of 20 dollar long white socks!! Where did you get yours? Love you guys!!