Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something for me to think about

Father, where shall I work today?
And my love flowed warm and free.
Then He pointed out a tiny spot
And said, “Tend that for me.”
I answered quickly, “Oh no; not that!
Why, no one would ever see,
No matter how well my work was done;
Not that little place for me.”
And the word He spoke,
it was not stern;
He answered me tenderly:
“Ah, little one, search that heart of thine.
Art thou working for them or for me?
Nazareth was a little place,And so was Galilee.
Meade McGuire
New beautiful pictures of my blessings, the children that God has given me stewardship over (compliments of..and to...JenniferLynnPhotography)


Lars said...

Beautiful & handsome children & photos. Great job Jennifer too!

jlcumber said...

Love them! And great quote too!!!!

Heidi Rushing said...

Beauties - all of them!