Friday, September 25, 2009

8 dollars? Psshhh, that's nothing. Totally worth it for fashion's sake.

Here are the few lame pictures that we got of Kai's first game, then the camera died. This is BEFORE the urgent sock emergency phone call.

And here, HERE, is the after, with the ADORABLE 8 dollar knee socks. So cute on her. Cuter in person than in the pictures. Way cute. Too cute. Love em.
Would it be wrong to say that she's the cutest one on the team? She totally is. Even Kiki whispered it to me and she's the "older sister" and wouldn't be all that anxious to compliment the kid sister on her cuteness.
It's true, she rocks that VB uniform like the 2nd child that she is.


jlcumber said...

Awesome! She is totally cute!

Jan said...

Go team.