Sunday, April 11, 2010

Amy is GREAT! She gave us chocolate CAKE!

That was meant to be a Bill Cosby imitation. Shut it.

The cake wasn't chocolate. It was half vanilla and half red velvet. Jenny posted a lovely assortment of photos of the cake making process and the finished product on her blog HERE. Thanks Jenny!

I'm just gonna let you check out her post and I'll share one of the photos, too.
That's a RATTLE on top. Not a dumbell or balls or whatever else you dumbies guessed. Maybe the handle part should have been longer and the balls smaller, but it was a very last minute stroke of co-sister genious/tiredness/inspiration and since it was made out of giant cake-ball cake it was probably the greatest tasting think every in the history of ever. So there.

PS...for McGirls weekend, we're doing a fondant lesson for anyone who wants to participate. That will be squeezed in between hottubbing, river floating, and general debauchery.


Jan said...

You do good work in your sleep.

jlcumber said...


Kaila said...


Sam said...

I'm sooo ready for lessons, floating, debauchery. Whatever! That cake is GORGEOUS!!

Rebecca said...

Amy! You are getting really good! Cute design and colors! Good overall execution!

Lars said...

Hee hee. I've been meaning to make cake balls for about, hmm a year and a half or so. Still haven't. Very cute.