Friday, April 16, 2010

Texting with my oldest

Can you PLEASE pick up your sister and her friends at the middle school at 4:30?

I have auditions!

Can you get out early :) There are 7 kids and you have the most room.

ARGH! FINE, but you owe me BIG!

Really? I owe you? Do you want me to text you a picture of my cesarean scar? I will, you know I will.

I guess that was a no.


Sam said...

You are a legend in teen parenting. Both pregnancy prevention and guilt tripping rolled into one. Bowing to the masta.

jlcumber said...

Perfection!!!!! Remind me of this when Ashlynn turns 16

Jan said...

And you said, "I'll never talk like that to my daughter."
Knew you would... Knew you would!