Saturday, April 17, 2010


Not really. I just wanted to show off the bows I made for Kaila and her friends for their volleyball tournament thing.
It was a Friday night thing from 6-midnight. They were the bumblebees, so we made them black and yellow bows. They used puff paint to make their own t-shirts. The were adorable and won the spirit award.
Chris accused me of making him look hateful in my post about my bows obsession.
Then he said he hates them with all his heart and wishes I would stop making them forever.
Then I asked him which of my hobbies he's ever really supported or even not hated. Hmmmm....But, no, he's not hateful.
He's a great husband and I can easily ignore his complaining. I'm good at ignoring him.


jlcumber said...

TOO CUTE!!!! :) Love the bows! Keep it up!

Sam said...

They are darling!!! Good job, Aim!!

Kaila said...

CUTE!!!!! I love the pictures! But definetley the bows the BEST!!! :) GOOOOOOOO BUMBLEBEEZ!!!! :)