Monday, January 12, 2009


-Starting to take down my Christmas decorations
-It's the 12th of January

-Chris having lots of work
-Chris working 12 hour days, not from home.

-Kai missing three hours of school this morning because she didn't have her Tdap booster yet.
-Finding out that about 25% of the students got sent home for not having theirs either.

-Chris having lots of work
-Bills are piled up waiting to be paid from not having lots of work

-The terror of a teen driver
-Having her drive me to the store at 10pm

-Catching my son sans-pants before he could run off
-Realizing AFTER he sat on my lap to get reclothed that he had pooped and not wiped

-Finally unpacking our bags from our New Years trip and washing all of the stinky cabin clothes
-Finding the sweatshirt with all of the puke on it in those bags from, oh, TEN DAYS AGO


jlcumber said...

Wow!!!! Yes...some LOs for sure! :) But hey...they made me laugh. thanks!