Thursday, January 22, 2009

Poor little Oak Tree

MoJo has started listening to music with headphones. She loves to plug them into her Hello Kitty boom box and listen to Radio Disney cds. She just came out of her room sobbing after being in there listening to music for over an hour.

What's up?
I'm sad.
I can see that. What happened?
Nothing happened. He misses her so much.
Delila. He misses Delila. In that song. It's just SOOOO SAAAAAD. Whaaaaah....

Do I really have to screen her music for songs that could be construed as sad? She might be better off never listening to the radio, especially country. Who knows what level she might take that kind of sad to.


jlcumber said...

Like "Hello Delial"??? Oh my gosh. :) How much could you love that kid? She is so sweet and so Leanna. :) xoxo

Lars said...

Wow! Even the Plain White T's guy tells Delila not to's just a few more years! Hang on compassionate one.

What can we do? My kid watches Peanuts cartoons and starts calling us "stupid". Your kid listens to a love song and, that's not so bad.