Tuesday, January 20, 2009


There was a new episode on Intervention last night. Not a new real life intervention, but the TV show Intervention. There was a new real life intervention on Friday. It was an intervention/going away party for our friend. She's going to a new rehab in California and her dad felt that a party was the right way to send her out. Interesting.

On the show last night there were a lot of things worth watching. First there was the addict. She gave the nastiest looks and comments I've ever seen. Ever. Even during a 15 year olds monthly mean week, while stunning, not as mean as this girl. Second was her ex boyfriend and his interaction with her new boyfriend. I'm not sure who thought that having them both there was a FANTASTIC idea. Yes, I do. It would be the producers and I do love them for bringing the drama.

The ex boyfriend looked just like Tom Green, but worse, and way more bitter and still way in love and totally aware that he would never get a girl anywhere near that hot again. The new boyfriend looked just like Anakin Skywalker, but hotter, and a way better body, and really hating the CRAZY EYES and death stare that Tom Green was giving him.
I recommend that you tivo this episode "Casie", so that you can rewind and laugh over and over again at the crazy eyes like we did last night. We stayed up so late watching it that I was still asleep when my friend dropped her kids off for me to babysit. So embarrassing, yet totally worth it.