Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Ten Things Keeping Me up at Night

1. The wheezing next to me that sounds like the baby crying in the woods.

2. Worrying what all I'm forgetting to do for my Primary job at church.

3. Wondering how long I'll be up worrying and how much sleep I'll end up getting and how tired I'll be the next morning and how much Diet Cherry Pepsi I'll drink to get through the day and how much that will keep me from sleeping the next night. It's a viscous cycle.

4. Being wide awake from my bed partner increasing my heart rate after I got into bed.

5. Listening to the guilt trip noises of my sleep partner after I decline getting my heart rate increased, then laying awake wondering if he's going to find someone else to increase his heart rate.

6. Food additive concerns. Additives, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, red food dye.

7. The effects of vaccinations on young children.

8. The boy craziness that our 2nd child came with at birth and it has only increased over the last 11 years.

9. The fact that our oldest daughter has her permit and is driving a huge killing machine that could someday cause her or someone else injury or death. Also, the cost of our car insurance going up, but not as much as the death one.

10. Concerns over the state of my hair. Why is it so fried? If I didn't dye it would it still suck so bad? Is there anything I can do to make it look good? How much is a good wig? Would it make me sweat more?

11. My 20 year high school reunion, which seems to be triggering some sort of mysterious weight gain/ageing reaction in my body. It's as if my own body is sabotaging me, not willing me to look decent for the event. Heaven knows it will be hard to beat the way I looked back then, but a girl's got to try.


Lars said...

Email me which weekend your reunion is, we're coming for mine. Funny if they turn out to be the same.

Lars said...

Oh...loved your list!

jlcumber said...

You are so hot and I sicked out at one on your list and you know which one!