Saturday, January 31, 2009

I should probably be offended, but it's just so funny. And so true.

Chris, watch this, I'll turn on Diego, watch what Vee does...

AAAAHHHHH!!!! EGGO GO, EGGO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

She LOVES Diego!

Hmmmm, interesting AND disturbing. So, she loves the small Mexican boy? Wow, the apple doesn't fall far from the WHORE tree, does it?

The whore part was totally unnecessary. But the Mexican part was so so true.


jlcumber said...

With ALL us McCumber girls! Hello Brown Eyed Tan boys! Ggggrrrr....

I think I forgot to tell you that the day care girls took pictures of Ashlynn kissing Sam. Sam...the little Mexican boy in her class. Yes...the apples don't fall far.