Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Introducing Little Windmill

Chris had one of those bad dreams that have you running to hold your child and give them all the love that they'll let you before they squeal and start kicking you. We had given Vee up for adoption. I don't know why he would dream that. We would NEVER let that thought cross our minds daily. We went to visit our little Plankton at her new family's home and they had renamed her. Her new name was Windmill. He said that the part that ripped his heart out was that she was just so HAPPY. He had never seen her so happy. He cried his eyes out when we had to leave little Windmill behind. She, however, did not.

Now he's been trying to teach her to walk around swinging her arms in giant windmill circles and has taken to calling her by her adopted name Little Windmill.

I can not type Windmill without starting to type Windmeal and having to backspace (which isn't easy with a broken keyboard) and fix my poor pronunciation habits. Which reminds me, Intervention was pretty awesome last night AND they had Utah accents, so I got to play the game where I rewind and yell See!, did you hear it right there? She FILLS like it's her fault! She doesn't want to DILL with it anymore! HOW CAN YOU NOT HERE THE UTAH ACCENT?! I get the strangest feeling that he doesn't care about the Utah accent and isn't even trying to hear it. But that would be crazy. AND she was one of those that look really Really bad and then, when they're sober, they go back for a visit and they're smoking hot. They always look better, but the ones where you can't even recognize them are always more fun. And the ones with the Utah accents are more fun. Trust me.


Sam said...


I thought I was the only one overly sensitive to accents. Although, I have never picked up on a Utah accent. That was a good episode of Intervention. (Was she in OR? I swear when she was going to the airport, it said Portland on the road sign.)