Friday, February 20, 2009

Dear Sisters -


Those "melons" are from a) being fat...and b) lactating. I look at pictures like those and actually find myself having a sliver of sympathy for large breasted women who complain about being so well endowed. Those suckers made me look even fatter than I was.


I'll trade you Shrek for Diego, straight across. My deep love for the Mexican men is being challenged by his need for me to repeat everything he says. I don't want to yell BACKPACK BACKPACK. You can't make me. My 2nd child, don't tell me what to do, nature overrules my love for your dark skin and accent.


Hi! I didn't want to leave you out or I'll hear about it from Mom. Umm, how about some new pictures of my youngest niece! I have a bunch of clothes for her.


jlcumber said...

True. Shrek doesn't repeat himself at all. Thank goodness.

Jan said...

What about poor Richard?????