Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Score: Berg Bowels 4...NonBerg Bowels 3

I've been waiting 26 months to see if our baby would go the way of the Berg bowels or be normal. I am hopeful in my prediction that she is, in fact, playing for my team.

See, the thing is, she went all those hours on Sunday (choir practice/3 hours/bishop interview) and she wouldn't poop. She peed several times, which isn't completely my team, but the minute we got home she hopped on the toilet and made up for lost time in the poop department. That's totally me.
So, on the one hand, she's got the bowels that are only comfortable at home. On the other hand, she's got the bladder that is dying to be emptied at any sign of moisture hitting it's interior.

I suppose that makes her a hybrid of some sort. Come to think of it, that makes MoMo a hybrid the other way. She will hold her pee until it's an emergency (me), but she will feel the need to use a public restroom for the number 2s the minute we enter any Walmart (Chris).

If I can just get another one who can make it through an hour or two of errands without making me pull over at the Shell station or they're going in their pants RIGHT NOW, that would be heavenly. It can't just be me and Kiki doing possible permanent damage to our insides by only going at home. I really want a break from the stalls.

Here's another sign that she's playing for my team:

That move right there would have set Berg Bowels in motion and sent them to the potty for how ever long it might take until something happened. Not Vee. Nope, she can dance squat with the best of them and have no issues. It's looking good so far.


jlcumber said...

Dang I love that kid! Go team CuCumber!!

Todd said...

So she is the warped Berg version of Renesmee?