Monday, February 9, 2009

A twoferone post

A few days ago one of our poor chickchicks managed to lay an egg that was three times the size of our regular eggs.

The egg on the left is a normal, good sized, egg. The egg on the right is something that makes me shudder and sweat.

It was a double yoke, but it was so big that it had weird ridges down it. I'm trying to refrain from commenting on the ridges since Becky's friend referred to this as the rated R blog. So now I'm trying to be all mature and stuff. It's lame.

The second point to me finally get around to posting this picture is the new hair cut that the aforementioned aunt inspired me and Kai to try. Kai to try...that rhymes.

After days of her begging me to cut her some bangs I finally checked out Youtube for any tips that the may have in not making your child look like a coconut head. It's extra hard to get the courage up to cut a child's hair when you will be sending them to their other home and facing the possibility of admitting that you've turned the child into a coconut head. If it was just my kid I'd be WAY more likely to chop away and let the hairs fall where they may.

Anyway, I showed her the Youtube video and we chopped away. It turned out SO CUTE! I can't believe how much I'm loving bangs. I feel like going out and buying some big plastic bracelets and plastic bead necklaces and maybe even a rainbow striped shirt.

Which REMINDS ME, I was looking for comfortable black shoes (after hearing me describe what I wanted Chris determined that we should be shopping in the boy section) I found the CUTEST white tennis shoes with rainbow shoe strings.

Am I right, or what? We would have killed for these shoes as kids. Probably just each other, but maybe one of the Clover cousins, since they were most likely to have such adorable footwear. I really really love them.


jlcumber said...

LOVE the hair!!! And poor chick chick!!

Jan said...

Wow. I would not be letting her anywhere near the high school. Back boys. Back!

Lars said...

I just had a Nike and Hallmark shoelace section flashback. I love these. Where did you find them? My kids probably wouldn't like them, but I so do.

Cute bangs. Really cute!

Sam said...

The bangs are bangin!! And so are those Rainbow Brite shoes. Rockin.