Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday Mystery Picture

Answer people ANSWER!!!

Does it look gross? Yes. Should this prevent you from guessing? NO.

In my defence, the whole concept of this game originated from my fond, warm fuzzy memories of the Touchy Feely Game. Remember that one from your childhood? No? Whatever! You totally do. I'll remind you how it goes:

The feeler reaches their hand to the other bunk of your bunk beds. Either up or down as the case may be. The ummm, feely, felted, feelded sibling places the feelers hand on an unidentified body part. Nothing gross allowed. Then the feeler has to try to guess what it was. It's totally way fun, you should all try it tonight with your spouses. Sometimes, the body part would feel so EXACTLY like a butt crack that you'd have to smell your fingers to make sure that the other person hadn't broken the cardinal rule. You'd be surprised how many body creases feel scary when you're in the dark reaching into someone else's bed. Or maybe you wouldn't be.

While I await your guesses to my earlier post I'm going to continue posting gross mystery pictures until I feel better about my inbox.


Thayer & Associates said...

That's Kiki's shoulder. I WIN!