Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sometimes head strong and ridiculously stubborn can work out for the best

My little baby seems to have gotten tired of playing the little baby role in my make believe world. She thinks I need to let go already.

Last week she started taking off her diaper and yelling POOPOO PEEPEE! before running to the toilet and taking care of business. I thought that it was just a fluke and kept right on putting diapers on her and she kept right on screaming NO DIADERS! and taking them off.

I think she was trying to tell me something. Maybe that she isn't a baby. Maybe that if it was left to me she would be potty trained a whole lot closer to Kindergarten. Maybe that she really can talk and I'm just thinking in my head what cute little baby noises she makes when she's really speaking very clearly saying Mom, get the dang diaper off of me already, woman, I've known how to do this for awhile and I'm tired of sitting in my own filth.

She does an amazing dance after she uses the toilet. She throws her hips all the way to one side and then all the way back and sort of twists and bends. It's hard to describe. Here are some pictures, complete with the big girl panties, but I kept missing the hips going to the right, so you just get to see the left over and over again.

Don't ask me what the squat is about. I think it was part of the dance. It's not her having an accident. Knock on wood, she's been perfect. We even went to 4 hours of church today with no problems. She's such a good little potty trained baby.


Thayer & Associates said...

Good for you Little Windmill. 2 is how old Ainsley was. Some kids are just like that and you don't have a new baby sister coming to mess it all up.

Jan said...

Woo Hoo.

Just like your mama. It's so nice not to have to train them yourself.

jlcumber said...

:) GOOD GIRL Avery!!! :) We are very proud and very jealous too!

Lars said...

Four hours of actual church, not including commute and socializing in the halls? That might be a problem. ha ha

Awesome! Anytime a kid takes that job upon themself the BETTER!! So Proud!

I love the potty dance.

The sheer terror in her brother's eyes is intriguing.

OK I'll admit it right now. No matter how much I read your blog, I may never learn your children's actual names or even keep their nicknames straight. Sorry. Just forewarning you. Could be that I have less than stellar recall generally.

Lloyd said...

Good for you (and Her). I have been overjoyed at how well our youngest did.

You will see this summer I am even worse with names than Laur. 'Course I will just walk in and ask: "Hey! Which one of you is SuperTurd?" and go from there....