Tuesday, March 10, 2009

13 cents on groceries...12 dollars on girl scout cookies

I'm sure I've mentioned that we're poor. This week or month is really rough. We just need to get through two and a half more weeks and then we can buy food.

We have food, but the kids don't think we do. You know what I mean?

This weekend our big project was to find the missing gift cards. For Christmas we got an Applebee's gift card and a movie theater gift card from Kiki and KaiKai. We also got a large Walmart one from his dad and stepmom.

Then we lost them.

We haven't seen any of them since we cleaned up all of the wrapping paper after opening gifts. Being the optimistic type that I am, I was sure they were in the trash.

We prayed and prayed that we'd be able to find them and find a way to get groceries. Chris found the ones from the kids (hallelujah) but the Walmart one is still missing (dang).

We kept finding used up ones while we were searching, it was really frustrating to think you've found one and look up the balance to find out that you used it years ago. BUT somewhere we found one with $30 on it!

That's what we used for groceries last night. We went carefully up and down each aisle, trying to keep track of how much we had spent. I made sure to get fruit and vegetables. He made sure to get bread that is not made at home.

When we got up to the register it rang up at $30.13. I can't believe how exciting that was. We almost high fived right there in Walmart.

Then I spent $12 dollars on Girl Scout Cookies because I'm a sucker for a kid. He was so mad at me.

Please don't get the wrong idea! We're not starving, we're just trying to make it to payday.


jlcumber said...

You crack me up!!!

Lars said...

Now you'll just have to serve them, by suggested serving amount for dinner. That makes it okay, right?!

Way to go on maximizing your gift card. Here's hoping you find the other card.

Sam said...

That is so something I would do. Love it. :)


Jan said...


Great suggestion unless they were the ones with that lemon frosting in the middle. I bought a box at work and eat the whole thing by myself before I left. Can't, can not, CAN NOT buy any more of those.
No No No.