Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Maternity Pants

Chris found the best pair of sweats tucked away in the closet yesterday. He was so excited and he couldn't believe that they had been there all along and he had forgotten about them. It took awhile, but eventually I did tell him that they were my maternity sweats. That did not prompt him to take them off.

He put them back on when he got home tonight. I was all Are you wearing your maternity sweats to the grocery store? And he was like NO, are you going to wear those camel toe pants to the grocery store!?

Then he laughed his butt off at himself and said Blog THAT! Who's laughing now Hahahaha!!!


heather said...

I know I'm laughing!

jlcumber said...

He is SO bad!!!

Sam said...

What a punk. I love it. :)