Saturday, March 7, 2009

He Can Thank Sam for This

My cousin Sam posted a blog about her and her daughter keeping a notebook of ideas for inventions. I was inspired by that and I think about it as I'm parenting. I want my kids to explore their ideas and I try not to be so quick to tell them that something won't work or that they're stupid. I don't think I've ever called them stupid. Not to their faces. You know what I mean.

This morning my little man and my baby girl were throwing empty egg cartons over the banister. I didn't know about it until he ran in to tell me that one had landed on the top of the hangey downey light in the entry way. Kiki was helpful and took the broom to get it down. When she finished that her and little man started trying to throw the egg carton back and forth. Him on the ground, her up above.

There was no way that the empty egg carton would ever reach that far up. He got frustrated, but he kept thinking. He pulled a kitchen chair over and climbed up on it. He was disappointed when that wasn't enough either. He asked me if he could stack another chair on top of that chair. No. Could he stack a bunch of blocks up and put the chair on top of that? No. Seriously, at this point I told him to give it up, the egg carton was not engineered to fly.

Then he made the "light bulb moment" face...he ran into the playroom and grabbed one of the flying-screaming monkeys that Chris bought for ALL of the cousins a few Christmas' ago (you're welcome, again, Becky). He asked me if I could please use a ribbon and attach the monkey to the egg carton around it's belly, then he would pull it's tail while I held it's arms. I thought of Sambo and I had to let him try it. It totally worked! I was so proud of him for thinking of a solution and he was so proud of himself.

Now, I had Mackenzie video tape it and I'm willing to sacrifice whatever might have been left of my dignity to share this beautiful moment with you. I have no defence for how I look. Or how my roots look. Yes, I do, my roots are because I'm flat broke. I can, however, afford a shower and/or makeup, but look at it this way, it's even more entertainment value for you! AND I'm proud because Kiki helped me edit the clip and add slowmo and music. We're so teamwork. Enjoy.


Jan said...

Way to go! All three of you are awesome.

jlcumber said...

So fun!!! Ashlynn wanted to watch it 3 times. More if I had of let her. I think she wanted to see her super hot Aunt. :) Great Job Grant! *(and KiKi and Aunt Amy)

Carey said...

What a fun post! I love the moments when you know that you have had a success as a mom! This is totally one of those times and the great thing is that the moment was absolutely priceless... roots and all! Just think... you could have missed making a precious memory had you been in the shower or heaven forbid... primping:) You are a great mom!

Sam said...

AWWWW!!! Aim, I am touched that you were inspired by our idea! That was the coolest the music! Love the high five! This was the greatest post in the history of blogging. Loved it so much, you ROCK Grant!!!! :)