Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Party EVER

Somehow Kaila and I came up with the BRILLIANT idea to have her birthday party be a Twilight theme. We had a big plan and talked about it for months, then a few days before the party we found out that the DVD was being released THE SAME NIGHT! I was so so so so hoping that there would be midnight release parties and we were not disappointed. Kaila's other mom generously let us keep Kaila on Friday night -which is usually hers- so that we could put this all together.

Our amazing cake decorating friend, Rebecca, offered to make her a Twilight birthday cake. We didn't give her any direction. Just Twilight. What she came up with was better than anything I could ever have imagined. It was truly amazing... The kiddos all made matching Twilight shirts to wear to the mall. They were so funny. Z100 cranked, dancing their fool butts off. It brought back great memories of my cousins!

The wait for the DVD started at 9pm. We were third in line outside the mall. They let us in at 10, and then the line continued until they opened the doors at midnight. They had trivia games and lots of paraphernalia to buy. The girls were great. They're all such fun kids and I really enjoy them. Aunt Jenny drove all the way over to wait with us. Everybody loves Aunt Jenny. They girls were so excited to see her. She feels quite comfortable giving them all a hard time and I think they kinda like that.

As they opened the doors to sell the movie they crowd was all screaming and the adrenaline was running pretty high. They all got free twilight posters and we headed home to watch the movie. They didn't make it all the way through it, so they got up in the morning and finished it. The funniest part of the night, for me at least, was driving home from the mall. The kids were all smashed in my car with me. Kaila had the radio cranked, scream singing every word to every song. When Kanye West came on and I started singing along Kaila pooped all over our bench seats. She yelled YOU GUYS!!! My mom is SINGING KANYE WEST!!! She couldn't believe that I would know any of his songs. Psshhh. She has no idea.

This is the next morning when the girls decided to stalk a deer for breakfast. It was AWESOME.

So, after all of that excitement, the next day we went to Wicked (the musical) with Aunt Jenny. Again, AWESOME. Loved every minute of it. I was afraid that I would fall asleep after such a late night, but it was so good that it wasn't a problem. Ok, I did close my eyes for a couple minutes, but not long! I loved it.

Kaila got a bloody nose going in and another one on our way out. Poor kid.


jlcumber said...

Thank you for letting me join in both events! I had such a great time. I do want to point out that my 12 year old niece should NOT be grabbing Edward there!! :)

LOVE IT! Love you guys too!

Thayer & Associates said...

Best Party EVER is right and the coolest mom ever too.

Sam said...

This looks amazing. That cake is amazing. Yay for you! XOXO