Friday, June 26, 2009

2 down...2 to go

Kenzie is half way through with high school. She was freaking out waiting for her report card this time because she thought that she might have gotten an A- in one class and that would not be acceptable. I wasn't worried at all. I knew she'd have a 4.0 again.

She said Mom! I don't want you guys to EXPECT it of me. I don't want you to ASSUME that I will get all A's and be disappointed. I pointed out to her that she was about 15 years too late. I pointed out that shortly after she was born she had told me very clearly, yet without actually speaking any words, that she was going to do everything and anything 100% and be the best little type A personality ever born.

Her report card finally came and it's a 4.0 and she's relieved and we're half way through high school, hopefully heading toward some scholarships. She makes me so proud!


Jan said...

Good job, Kenzie.
And thanks for a fun morning.

jlcumber said...

ME TOO!!! Way to go girlie!!

Anonymous said...

YES Kenzie, that means BYU!! ..... and that means AUNT KATHIE!!! baaaahaaaahaaahahahahahah!!!