Monday, June 15, 2009

The most beautiful princess

Avery has such a different personality. Different from Kai, MoJo, and GrantC. Not that different from Kiki. She reminds me a lot of baby Kiki. Strong willed. Smart. Quirky...ok, the quirky part is totally normal around here, but the temper on this kid is amazing. She IS the only one with an older brother and it shows.

Her biggest peeve is him calling her a baby. He knows this and uses it to his full advantage. Since he can't hit her, it's all he's got. They get into long verbal battles of You're a baby! vs. No, I a big girl! It's not cute. It's irritating.

She did come up with a pretty cute retort this weekend. They're sitting in the back of the van and he got mad about something and screamed OH, YEAH, WELL YOU'RE A BABY!!! and she shot right back with I not a BABY I a bootiful princess! Precious stuff right there. Plus, it's always exciting when I can fully understand what she said.

I think this picture shows just what a beautiful princess she is, too.


jlcumber said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! She is a bootiful plankton princess!

Jan said...

Oh, Aunt Jenn, I think you nailed it.

Sam said...

Hee Hee. Too cute. Princess that can knock your block off if you mess with that.