Thursday, June 4, 2009

That's a first

I just ran over a #10 can of applesauce. That's the big can, if you don't know that. After Kaila getting lucky at Costco last night we dropped the big girls off at church, so when it came time to unload all of the Must-meet-the-minimum-Costco-trip-required-$100-even-if-I-only-came-for-diapers groceries, we only had the two of us to help and I tried to carry too much.

I try to buy one of their big cans of applesauce every time I'm there. This is because a) My kids will eat it b) It is only apples. Nothing else. No sugar, no garbage c) It's perfect for my food storage AND most importantly d) It's only $3.27 FOR THE WHOLE THING and that's SO CHEAP. AND, when I open that huge can I can dump 2/3 of it into a few freezer containers and freeze it. The kids love eating the frozen applesauce that I have sat and scraped at for 45 minutes trying to get enough to fill their bowls. I believe it's because it taste sort of more like a treat when it's all icy and frozen, not just because they like making me work that hard.

I just got the Pampered Chef amazing can opener, too, so opening those huge cans just got way easier. Who's working hard now, punks?

So, there I am, trying to carry too much and yelling I CAN'T CARRY YOU IN! NEITHER OF YOU. THEN PUT YOUR SHOES BACK ON! CAN YOU SEE HOW MUCH STUFF I HAVE IN MY ARMS AT THIS MOMENT?! And I dropped the applesauce and the Gummy Bear Vitamins. The bears rolled far enough that after a lot of pointing and LOOK AT THE GROUND, MORGAN! RIGHT THERE. IN FRONT OF YOU! I was able to get help with those, but the darn applesauce was too far under the car for little arms to reach. So I left it. Just for a minute, you know. And I forgot, because I forget alot. You might think that afternoon kindergarten would be a good thing for me, because I don't have to rush around in the morning, keeping our 6 year old focused on getting ready for school, but it's not. It's horrible. I have all morning to forget to get her ready. It's too much time for me. I get really distracted and I'm sure my neighbor thinks that I'm a really protective mother because I drive my kid to school everyday, but really, I just forget to get her on the bus.

This morning Kiki overslept and I drove her to school, otherwise I wouldn't have left the house until Kindergarten time and I might have remembered that the applesauce was under the car by then, but being so early, I didn't. As soon as I heard the crunch I knew what it was, though. Luckily I had all the children in the car with me or I would have FREAKED out thinking that I had run one of them over. I'm so terrified of that. It's a constant concern of mine. I have very few fears (as you can see under Phobias and Fears), but that is a HUGE one of them.

The can wasn't opened, just pretty flat, so I froze the applesauce for later. I've GOT to start being more focused. Maybe an organizer. Or sticky notes. Or a personal assistant.


jlcumber said...

Sorry...can't help you out there...remember, I SAW Gary's car right behind me as I loaded Ashlynn into my car, but by the time I got myself into the car and was distracted by her stupid string cheese freak out...I backed right into him. So, I won't be able to be your personal assistant, but if you hire one...make him HOT!!! I will pay him too.

Sam said...

OH, this is funny. Glad I am not the only one that lacks FOCUS. We have to stick together, don't we? XOOX

Lloyd said...

You need to sit down with my wife and commiserate cuz you were channeling her there, both the phobia/fear thing and the forgetting stuff thing. I am almost afraid to get you two into the same room this summer though. It could stop the sun in its tracks and unseat the world from its orbit. would be fun to watch though.