Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ewwwww, it actually got worse

That wasn't dog poop.

I was cleaning up the yard just now. I was cleaning up mostly toys, but some clothes too and right there at the bottom of the slide were a pair of panties. Little girl panties and they were, maybe, 2 feet away from the "dog" poop that my son finally remembered stepping in yesterday after he checked the bottom of his foot and thought really hard.

They had lots of remnants of the poop still in them, so it was easy to identify that the poop matched and it wasn't just that someone had coincidentally dropped their panties there next to the poop. It was definitely matching fecal matter. These weren't any of our girls' panties, either, which pretty much narrows it down to Ainsley or the child that I hear screaming in our yard every night, but since that was cleared up when I realized it was just my husband's night wheezing, I'm pretty sure it was Ainsley. Plus, she's a repeat offender and at least this time it was in the yard and not up in the play structure.

I don't know why it's grosser to me that he stepped in his cousin's accident rather than some dog. We don't even HAVE a dog, so it could be any dog, too, but for some reason, human excrement is worse.

And I'm not complaining about my sweet niece. If I did that, then I would be inviting bad luck upon myself which would lead to one of my own children doing something similar, but somehow WORSE. It's happened too many times. Complain about one sister's loud kids and the next 3 of mine are even louder. Question the legitimacy of ADHA and end up with some serious cases of Shiny Penny Syndrome. Wrinkle my nose at little boys bathroom habits and get my own little wall sprayer. So, no, I'm not complaining. Just commenting. Sharing information. Helpfully pointing out to my sister that her daughter may be missing some underpants.

Leanna, do you want me to send these to you or would you rather drive on up and get them yourself? You could come Saturday and make a day of it!


Heidi Rushing said...

why is it that human fecal matter is so much grosser than animal doo-doo.

jlcumber said...

Stop stop stop talking...I can't stop laughing!!!