Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birth Control

We learned this week that our best abstinence enforcer would be my hair in it's natural state.

I didn't realize...neither of realized...that Chris had not seen my actual, for real, nothing in it, no hair dryer, hair-fro in all of the 10 years we've been married. He thought he knew what it looks like naturally, but he didn't. Not really. Technically, he still doesn't, because none of us know what it would look like if I grew out my color. Not only does it get dark, it also gets coarse and greasy, so even worse than it already is.

Friday was the day that I tested the real strength of his love for me. I got out of the shower. I ran a brush through my hair. I didn't put any product in it. I didn't touch my blow-dryer, my straightener, or my curling iron. I started cleaning the carpets.

He came home, looked at me, flinched in pain, and a shudder ran through his entire body.

He said that he had no idea HOW I got my hair to look like that, but to please FOR THE SAKE OF OUR MARRIAGE fix it right now.

It was that bad.

He compared it to the Duggar mom on 17 Kids and Counting, before her makeover, except way worse. See, it doesn't really curl, per say, at least not all over. There's a whole lot of frizz, especially on top, and a whole lot of what resembles straight pieces of straw sticking out of my head.

I'm thinking he'll never tease me about packing too many hair products when we go on vacation.

Originally written 1/25/2010