Sunday, March 28, 2010

Before the day is over...Happy 5th Birthday, Grant!

Happy Birthday to my little Grant man. I love you! I can't believe you're five already. The last few months you have been working on your manners. It's super cute. You will run to find me and tell me that Morgan just kept annoying me and I ignored her, mom, instead of getting mad! Isn't that a good job? It IS a good job. So are your super enthusiastic thank yous. You're a very grateful little dude and generally very happy.

We haven't had a "party" or a "cake" yet, because Kai wasn't home, but we did have sundays tonight and you were VERY excited about that.

Just didn't want the whole day to pass without acknowledging your big day.I love you little dude!


jlcumber said...

Crazy man!!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!! Love you and I swear you were just born.


Not sure more sugar was in order, but that was the cutest thing ever. Love you Grant-C!