Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Latest Addiction

Don't EVEN try to perform another intervention. Y'all know that it doesn't work and that I'll just get bored and move along on my own anyways. AND this is a good addiction, which reminds me, you guys gave me so much crap about blogging too much, and now I go back and read those posts that were sometimes 5 or more each day, and I love being able to recall what my family was up to, so BITE ME, I'm totally going there again. 5 a day. Yep. Gonna do it.


Craft Blogs. Can't get enough right now. Obsessed. Probably more than I was with Facebook. It's true. My favorite is Nannygoat, and she shares lots of links as well, so I just branch out from there.

Here's my new must-do project:

Card table playhouse!

There are tons of other blogs with the same thing, but different details. So fun. So cheap. Hopefully so easy.

Now prepare yourselves to see lots of pictures of the crafts I'm copying. Oooh, Jenny, will you post a picture of the binky clips? Jenny is the first gift recipient of my obsession, but I'm sure that all of you will get something that you'll feel obligated to pretend to use and love. You're welcome in advance.


Sam said...

I want one of the things the flip flops were meant to be used for. That's what I want. :)

Jan said...

I have a pair of flip flops... what do they become???

jlcumber said...

Will do and LOVE the tent idea!!!!!! And the clips!